We at initOS are dedicated to Open Source, the Open Source movement and Open Innovation as a contemporary innovation paradigm. This is why initOS strongly supports the Odoo Community Association (OCA), which is the worldwide group of Odoo partners and experts, that together develop and fund AGPLv3 extensions to the open source Odoo ERP base.

A powerful product configuration feature was long missing in the community. Now Romanian based Pledra together with their client Aluart has developed that feature and seek to share the front-up development expenses by issuing a crowd-funding campaign.

We strongly support this crowd innovation approach and have taken the decision to support the campaign by buying an major perk, hence. We strongly encourage other Odoo partners, customers, users and experts to do the same and help Pledra to reach their campaign goal as soon as possible.

You are interested in Odoo? Read on for more. Or you can call us at +49 4105 135 03 99, Email to [email]sales@initos.com[/email] or via contact form.


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