There is a lack of documentation about what the parameters in the backend of j2Mantis mean. Here is a brief overview:

  • Webservice url the URL to the SOAP API of Mantis
  • Username a valid Mantis user, you have to try whether you need a Manager-User or whether a Developer just works, this depends on your Mantis installation
  • Password of the user
  • Project ID the default mantis project that you want to use in Joomla, you can override this by menu entry
  • Backup Email sends the data of form to this email if mantis SOAP is not working
  • use captcha use the JCCReCaptcha Plugin to protect your form
  • Secret Key random string to encrypt your mantis id in the url (weak encryption)
  • overview enable/disable the link from the form back to the overview of all bugs of the selected project
Hope this helps.
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