On 18.05.2016 I had a chance to participate in the first Magdeburger Developer Days conference, which was a good learning experience, personally it was my first participation in such a conference, it was nice to get in touch with the other developers , learn and share experiences. The conference was divided into sessions (20 Sessions) with four tracks running at the same time, so the participant can choose which topic is interesting and go for it. Before the sessions started, there was a small talk about how important should the software developer life be balanced, (not working all the time) , there were two different stories from two software developers.

The first session I participated in a session called “Scrum – in guten wie in schlechten Zeiten” it was a nice talk which replies to the people which think that Scrum is dead, it listed the best pattern and also the worst pattern for each process or problems when applying scrum during a software project.

The second session called “Ein Sturm zieht auf” which is about a method called CQRS Event Sourcing, this method can be applied to every software project and it is in simple words; saving the events that lead to the current state instead of saving the current state of objects.

The Third session was “Functional Domain Driven Design” which talks about designing domains using a functional programming language (F#), to make the domains self-documented and easier to read and understand.
The last session was “Architekturdokumentation leicht gemacht” which introduces the arc42 Templates method for software architecture documentation, it represents the template structure, how to apply it, and a couple of useful tips and tricks, with some references that we can benefit from.
Personally I got introduced to new terms and techniques that can be used in the real life for example, the arc42 Templates for software documentation, some good references and examples were provided in order to be able to apply it in the future. It was also good to compare how scrum is applied theoretically and in the real working life. Another new Terms: Event Sourcing and Functional Domain Driven Design gave me a courage to research and read more about them.
The conference organization was good, if we consider that this is the first time this conference is held, there was some delay in the beginning of the sessions, but in general it was well organized. This conference was lacking to workshops and practical experience. For me it was a nice adventure and I’m looking forward to see what will be there next year.

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