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Scientific Research: Integration of different constraint types into different Server Consolidation algorithms
von Shadi Akhras am

As a final part of my study of the Data & Knowledge Engineering master degree at Otto-von-Guericke-Universität Magdeburg, I defended my master’s thesis on 29.03.2017 under the title “Applying Placement Constraints on Server Consolidation for Enterprise Application Service Providers”. This thesis was accomplished as a part of the research done by the Fujitsu Lab at OVGU, and tried to solve an important challenge that faces the data center’s administration process.

The relevancy of the topic to the modern IT infrastructures comes from the increasing importance of both hosting cloud applications in remote servers, and storing more and more data every day. The emerging need of the data centers to perform those tasks rises a number of challenges such as the high energy consumption of those infrastructures.

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