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Tortoise SVN on Linux ?
von Frederik Kramer am

As a Software Developer or Project Manager one has to deal quite often with versioned documents (at least if he / she tries to keep minimum track of his / her work advancements). Without arguing on the individual advantages or disadvantages of SVN or GIT, most developers end up in using at least these two solutions (if not Mercurial and CVS as well). As a software engineering company that fully migrated to Ubuntu Linux Desktop we were searching for a tool similar to TortoiseSVN on Windows, that allows easy sharing and updating of repositories using the favorite Desktop Explorer (in our case Nautilus on Gnome). While addressing these task regularly we recently discovered RabbitVCS. We installed the tool on two different machines, one running Ubuntu Lucid (LTS) the other running Ubuntu Oneiric. It works like a charm, providing all menu entries that you need to neatly deal with SVN or GIT.

The only thing you have to do is to add the following PPA to your Ubuntu installation and update the repository afterwards (Ubuntu Karmic and Later)

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